For only 2.99 Euros, you will get 2GB data, 500 SMS, and non-limit calls within a community called N’Trip.

To be eligible for this product, your maximum age must be up to 27 years old and you must have at least 2.99 Euros in your account. By sending a message to 50555 with the text “Trip plus”, you will be a member of this community.


Validity: 30 Days


In addition to the direct benefits of the offer, community members of “N’Trip” also get lower fees compared to regular prepaid customers, according to the price tables shared here.

Every prepaid phone plan, data bundles, combined packages, can be purchased by n’trip members.

For example, “N’trip” members by having this offer active(2GB,500 SMS, non-limit calls) can also purchase combined packages FOL or INT at the same time.

Additional Information


Send SMS to 50555 with the text “Trip plus”.


Send SMS to 50555 with the text “Trip minus”.

Balance check

Send SMS to 50555 with the text “Status”.

Automatic monthly activation

Send SMS to 50555 with the text “Trip auto”.

Thirrjet Lokale-ntrip

Thirrjet nga VALA në:Minuti i parëTarifimi pas minutit të parëBlloku i tarifimit: sekonda
Operatorë lokal0.1530.153N/A
Rrjetit Fiks0.130.13N/A


*Operatorët lokalë – IPKO Fiks dhe mobil, D3, Z-Mobile

Thirrjes drejt destinacioneve speciale

Thirrjes drejt destinacioneve specialePërshkrimiTarifimi/Çmimi
160Sekretaria Telefonike PersonalePa pagesë
169Menaxhimi i listës Familje dhe MiqtëPa pagesë
163Rimbushja e llogarisëPa pagesë
161Konsultimi i llogarisë, blerja e pakove, Familja dhe MiqtëPa pagesë
50555Vetshërbim - Blerja e Pakove, konsultimi i llogarisëPa pagesë
080010000Qendra e ThirrjevePa pagesë